I graduated with a BA in Product Design from the University of Oregon in 2020. As an undergraduate, I interned as the UO Polymer Lab Technician where I combined my interest in functional apparel, with my curiosity toward 3D printing. Upon graduation, I continued developing my Design for Healthy Aging project under the Tinker Hatfield grant.  


My constant need for understanding how and why things work, along with my resourcefulness and need to innovate, pushes me to pursue a career in design. I value holistic and empathetic design as a way to encourage human interaction as I strive to create strength in communities.  


I am a “designer with a maker mindset” who uses a cyclical design process incorporating my execution and analysis of sport. Continuing forward, my mission is to abandon “shrink it and pink it” and place focus on improving athletic performance by designing products to have foundation in the anatomy and physiology of different athletes. 

A signature shoe to enhance performance for NCAA and WNBA player Sabrina Ionescu as she leads the fight for gender equality and female empowerment in sports