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I am pursuing my Master's degree in Sports Product Design from the University of Oregon (June 2022). I graduated from the University of Oregon in 2020 with a Bachelor's degree in Product Design. Embracing my athletic upbringing, I identify as a designer with a “maker mindset” who uses a cyclical design process alongside my analysis of sport through the lenses of physiology, anatomy, and biomechanics. My desire to understand function compliments my willingness to take risks and fail forward. I pride myself on serving as a catalyst to create equal opportunity for diverse and underrepresented athletes by designing performance-enhancing, body-specific apparel and equipment. I strive to promote togetherness in sport and the workplace and am passionate about normalizing the individualization of learning styles and design processes. 

Upon earning my Master’s, I seek opportunities in prototype development, an environment that demands creative thinking, and a team that shares my values and desire to design for a better now.

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